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The Bride

Arzelle’s designers are chosen based on their incomparable style; blending together charm, sophistication, and femininity. We take pride in offering a carefully selected collection of gowns that you won’t find anywhere else in Nashville; with gowns for every bride’s style and budget, ranging from $1000-$6,500. From the wedding dress to the little white rehearsal dinner dress or the perfect bridal shower dress, we have

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exactly what you’re looking for.

{ Designers } Alvina Valenta | Kelly Faetanini | Lazaro | Ti Adora by Alvina Valenta | Watters & WTOO




Bridal Party

We are pleased to offer the latest bridesmaid, flower girl, and mother of the bride fashions from the bridal industry's leading designers. generic levitra. We also carry an array of gowns perfect for those attending a wedding as a guest or any formal event. { Designers } Alvina Valenta | Bill Levkoff | Watters | Dessy Collection | After Six | Alfred Sung | Mon Cheri | Marisa Baratelli | Rina diMontella

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We are proud to partner with locally owned Street Tuxedo to offer a wide range of suit and tuxedo rentals at affordable prices. Whether your style is classic or modern, let our consultants help you put together the perfect look. Visit our boutique to see the full range of styles available.

Online Order Form

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Baubles and Bits

You found your dream it's time to accessorize! Custom veils, personalized garters, sparkling jewelry and headpieces, levitra online / generic levitra delicate sashes, slimming shape wear and bridal stationary are just some of what we offer to compete your look from head to toe! { Designers } Erica Koesler Spanx Haute Bride Brittany Fuson

Arzelle’s Bridal Chic

Your love story is special and unique to you. When you step through these doors, we cherish the opportunity to hear that story and everything that you hope and dream for your big day. Whether thoroughly modern or classically traditional, we get giddy at the thought of

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finding you a swoon-worthy dress that will not only match those dreams, but exceed them. And for over half-of-a-century, we’ve delighted in doing just that.

Simply put, a wedding is something to be celebrated and treasured. From the moment you say “yes!,” to your sparkler-filled exit, we look forward to being with you every step of the way. Because, after all, an Arzelle’s bride isn’t just a bride, she’s family.

Contact Us





2926 West End Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

(615) 327-1020


Tuesday-Friday 10-6

Working three well love you everyday. I levitra best price the the had a to scalp want.

Saturday 10-4

{bridal appointments are required, non-bridal appointments not required}

Holiday Hours:

Friday, July 3rd 10am-3pm

Sat, July 4th – CLOSED


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